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The school-college of professional education of the NJSC “Kazakh national academy of choreography” actualizes the following educational programs:

  1. The school – a specialized school for talented children (pre-professional choreographic education from 1 to 3 classes).
  2. 2. The technical and professional education:

– 0408000 “Choreographic art” qualification 0408013 “Ballet Dancer” (studying period 7 years 10 months, from 4 (5) to 9 classes, I-II-III courses);
– 0408000 “Choreographic art” qualification 0408023 “Artist of the dance ensemble” (studying period 2 years 10 months, I-III courses);
– 0403000 “Socio-cultural activities and folk art” qualification 0403013-1 “Teacher, organizer of leisure, the head of the dance group” (studying period 3 years 10 months, I-IV course).

The studying is carrying out in Kazakh and Russian languages.

The school-college of professional education includes subject-cycle commissions in the profile where educational programs in the main disciplines are realized by teachers:

  1. subject-cycle commission of general education disciplines;
  2. subject-cycle commission of special disciplines.

The teaching staff of the school-college of professional education consists of the outstanding students of the culture and education, the cultural workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Honored Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Owners of the Medal “Eren Enbegi Ushin” and the Order “Kurmet”, the Honored Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the teachers of the highest category (teachers-researchers), first category (teacher-expert), candidates and masters of sciences.

The contingent of students at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year was:
1-3 grades – 91 students;
4-9 grades – 219 students;
1-3 courses – 79 students.

The head of the school-college of professional education: Kokshinova Svetlana Yur’evna, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Tel: 8/7172/798 594
e-mail: ballet-priem@balletacademy.kz

Schedule of the educational process:
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