Repertoire of the Kazakh national academy of choreography for the 2018-2019 academic year

1. “The Nutcracker” ballet
P. Chaikovsky, choreography by V. Vainonen, redaction of A. Asylmuratova

2. “Animated murals” scene
C. Pugni, from “The Little Humpbacked Horse” ballet, choreography by A. Saint-Leon

3. Choreographic suite from “Gayane” ballet
A. Hachaturyan, choreography by N. Anisimova, redaction of A. Asylmuratova

4. Trio from “The Fairy doll” ballet
J. Bayer, choreography by Legat brothers

5. Pas-de-deux from “Don Quixote” ballet
L. Minkus, choreography by A. Gorsky

6. Rondo “Surprise”
J. Haydn, choreography by D. Pimonov

7. “Chaconne”
A. Vivaldi, choreography by D. Pimonov

8. “The Little Bees”
W. Mozart, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, choreography by A. Tsoy

9. «This place was a shelter»
O. Arnalds, choreography by S. Jeromsky

10. «Shelter»
C. Richter, choreography by K. Zvereva

11. “Seriler saltanaty”
Music of the folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Hassak”, choreography by A. Sadykova, A. Shamshiev

12. Dauletkerey “Zhastar”
Folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Turan”, choreography by A. Sadykova

13. “Kyzgaldak”
Music of the folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Turan”, choreography by A. Sadykova

14. “Akkular”
N. Tlendiyev, choreography by A. Sadykova

15. “Tan samaly”
Choreography by A. Shamshiev

Classical variations from ballets:
“Corsair”, “Coppelia”, “Don Quixote”, “Paquita”, “Giselle”, “Venice Carnival”, “Vain Precaution”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Big Classical Pa”.