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Preliminary views of children entering the 1-4 grades will start in January. Please, follow us in social networks for further information.


If you live in Nur-Sultan first of all make an appointment for the preliminary view, after the view you are recommended or declined to pass entering exams. If you live in other regions of Kazakhstan you need to search for information in our social networks and to bring your child to the nearest point of view of visiting commission.

The acceptance of documents is from June 20 to July 20.

– Application of the parents (legal representatives) of the applicant for admission;
– A copy of the birth certificate (attachment) with IIN;
– Passport of health (form № 026-у) – original;
– Medical card (Form 063- vaccination card) – original;
– Photo 3х4 (4 pieces);
– Family statement;
– Statement from the place of work of parents;
– copy of ID of parents;
– Address reference.

You can enter the specialty “Choreographic Art” with qualification “Dance Ensemble Artist”, the study lasts 2 years 10 months.

Dress code: outerwear for parents’ consideration, for girls – bodysuit, for boys – black swimming trunks. Girls must gather the hairs in a bun.

The children doesn’t perform dances. An individual review and assessment of the availability of natural data and professional qualities of the applicant is carried out.

Only transfer from choreographic schools, colleges, certified choreographic studios is possible in 5-9th grades.