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Concert in honor of Frederic Chopin

A concert dedicated to the great Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin was held yesterday at the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography.

Chopin is one of the prominent representatives of Western European musical romanticism, the founder of the Polish national composer school.

Chopin’s fame is due not only to his composer and concert activities. A talented Polish musician also proved to be a brilliant teacher. Frederic Chopin is the creator of a unique pianistic technique that has helped many pianists gain true professionalism.

The concert was attended by accompanists: Kaisar Arkharov, Sultan Ibragimov, Zhadyra Kadyrova, Zere Tulegenova, Zhanar Abylkhanova, Anara Mukusheva, Asel Taybergenova, Gaini Aminova, Makpal Dauletzhanova, Raushan Maminova, Dariya Akhmetbekova, Sharifa Ererkepova, and the students of school-college Sabina Mukhtarova, Kamila Shkibaeva (class teacher A. Bikenova), Aruzhan Serikbay (class teacher N. N. Nurpeisova). Leading the concert: Nurpeisova N.G.

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