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“BookСrossing” at Academy of choreography

As part of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” program, the BookCrossing campaign was organized in the library of the Academy of choreography. The action is held under the slogan “I read a book – pass it on to another.” The purpose of the action is to attract the attention of pupils and students to the book, to increase their interest in reading with the help of modern approaches.

What is bookcrossing? Bookcrossing is a cycle of books around the world. For bookcrossing racks were installed in the walls of the Academy, in the corridor book. Anyone can borrow any book for a while, bring a personal book or exchange their book for any other. Books brought by readers are pasted with bookcrossing badges, then books are put up on shelves. They can be freely taken for reading, transferred to friends. Shelving is in great demand among readers, and they are constantly updated with various books.

Books that you want to share with other readers can be brought to the library. Books should be read, not stand and gather dust on bookshelves!