The Republican subject Olympiad in choreography held at the Academy

The Kazakh national academy of choreography hosted the Republican subject Olympiad among students of the specialty “Choreography” of higher educational institutions of the country. Five teams from the Kazakh national academy of arts named after T. K. Zhurgenov, Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abai, Kazakh national women’s pedagogical University, West Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov and the Kazakh national academy of choreography participated at the competition.

On February 28, the winners were recognized by the results of two stages. Team “Academy Stars” of the Kazakh national academy of choreography were the winners of this Olympiad. 2nd place was taken by the team “KAZNAI Ballet” of the T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national academy of Arts. Teams of Abai Kazakh national pedagogical university, Kazakh national women’s teacher training university and M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan state university shared the third place.

In the first stage, the members of the competition Committee tested the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants in classical and historical dance, and in the second stage the team presented videos about their academies and universities. Our Academy is the second year organizer of this Olympiad.