Open lesson week

The Department of additional education held open lessons in the areas of children’s aesthetic development Studio “La petite fleur” and “Creative workshop” over the last week. Every year, the parents of pupils become more and more competent in many issues about training of their children. Today, parents are given a lot of opportunities to meet directly and learn more about the school life of the child. An open lesson is a such activity.
Every half-year, the parents of children who attending classes in the studio, have the opportunity to attend classes and see how the educational process is going, get acquainted with teachers and teaching methods, get acquainted with the results obtained during the training period.
Numerous forums about the school, websites of educational organizations, educational portals allow parents to understand what is the educational process. However, the live communication with the teacher and the opportunity to see the process helps to assess the work of teachers and students.
At the end Open lesson week, the parents were impressed by the level of teaching disciplines, especially – sports and ballroom dancing, ballet gymnastics and rhythm.