Fire drill at the Academy of Choreography

Issues of fire safety in an educational institution should be given the closest attention, because in modern conditions fires are the most common cause of emergency situations. The lives of people depend on the preparedness of the personnel and the accuracy of their actions during the evacuation. That is why the Academy of Choreography conducted planned evacuation training.

On May 27, another academic evacuation took place at the Academy of Choreography. In normal mode, an automatic fire alarm system was activated in the academic, residential and ballet buildings of the Academy. In accordance with the established program, air overpressure in the elevator shafts and stairwells and smoke removal in all buildings occurred, as well as automatic lowering of all elevators, on the first floor and opening the doors of the elevators. The power engineer and the electrician on duty, in accordance with the instruction on priority actions, imitated a power outage in three buildings of the Academy. The duty dispatcher, together with security officers of post No. 8, 9, 10, reported on their readiness to meet the fire brigade of the specialized fire brigade No. 16. The security staff promptly opened all the gates of the Academy and emergency exits from the buildings.

At 12 hours 00 min. 10 sec general evacuation from the Academy buildings started.

At 12 h. 6 min. 05 sec evacuation was completed by building in the parking lot near the ballet corps, where there is a sign “Meeting place during evacuation”.

The permissible duration of evacuation from the buildings is not more than 6 minutes, the time of complete evacuation to the time of construction was 5 minutes 55 seconds.

Regular evacuation training exercises will ensure readiness to leave the building quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.