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Art-management for me…

#Let’s talk?

In recent years, the interest of culture and art has been growing steadily in our country: new galleries are opening, exhibitions are being held, open spaces are inviting to attend lectures by famous artists, various concerts are held with the participation of famous dancers. The organization of all these processes is inextricably linked with the issue of management. Today, we will talk about who art managers are, and also find out what this profession means for students of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography.

Well, as long as you have not started reading, I would like to give you a hint. After reading the thoughts of our students, you will be charged with strong positive energy and feel a lot of emotions, including: the desire to be heard, express yourself, express yourself in your work, act and contribute to the development of not only the culture of Kazakhstan, but also of the world as general.

Aida Oshakhbaeva
3 course, specialty "Art-management"

Aida, please tell us about yourself?

Talking about yourself is quite difficult (laughs). Besides being an art manager for three years now, I have been actively participating in various Academy events, helping to create videos and organizing concerts. So, for example, in 2018 I had the opportunity to act as an organizer of the Choreographers’ Competition “Performance”, as well as assist in the preparation of the evening of author’s discoveries “Uncover-2018”. Now, I am interested in the field of video filming and editing, so I actively manifest myself in it.

Very interesting, it means that the “art manager” – is this the same “event organizer”?

Not at all. In my opinion, this is a very extensive profession. The “art manager” has different development opportunities. By and large, representatives of this profession are producers and strategists who see the work of everyone and can combine them and make a finished product out of it. Our activity covers absolutely all spheres of culture, which gives us a choice. Also, if we touch upon the functions of the art manager, he should know all the “pitfalls” of his chosen activity. Perhaps, art manager will not be engaged in the video itself, but for the qualitative organization of work, art manager must understand how to move from the idea to reality.

How did you choose your profession?

I have never thought that I would study as an art manager. Being a person of art, who feels the world through singing, I have been singing for many years now, I saw myself in the music industry, which, by the way, is not at all easy to get into. Therefore, I decided to choose a different path and enter the music as an art manager in order to learn show business, touch the “kitchen”, and master the internal processes.

To do a decision was in case. I accidentally found out about the Academy, and when I came to find out more information about the proposed specialties, I got to the entrance exam, which fortunately passed and entered. Sometimes, it seems to me that accidents in our lives are not accidental. And if you want something very strongly, you will always be given opportunities to realize your dream.

What do you think is the importance of your chosen profession?

The importance is that any cultural sphere will advance without the quality work of the art manager. I am sure of this for 100%.

What did you gain from your knowledge for professional growth and for determining the future during these 3 years studying at the Academy?

I’ve matured. I will not be cunning, there is still much to realize and accept in my life, but thanks to the support of the Academy I began to understand more in the musical field, I began to understand how difficult is to organize work. In addition, and probably the most important thing, I found like-minded people. These are people who charge with colossal energy and always provide motivation for continuous development, which is undoubtedly important!

We always take an active part in events of various sizes, attend master classes, meet different people, do practical work and even get a job in the company. I personally had experience with the company “1show.kz”, the guys came to us for a master class and offered vacancies, to which I responded with great desire. It was one of my first experiences where I could see the organization of events from beginning to end.

Many events are in my memory, memories of which will warm for many years. We took part in the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, went to the Zhastar Synergies camp, we have the opportunity to study under the program of academic mobility, i.e. to develop not only in our country, but also visiting foreign countries, draw ideas and be inspired, and this is very important!

Wow, how do you charge with energy! So, what is art management for you in one phrase?

Art management is a success.

We are all being in search. It is important for us to find ourselves, to understand in which area we will be useful. How do you think, how to make an informed choice of your profession?

To finish a school is a huge responsibility. It seems to many others that we should, as you put it, make a “conscious choice of profession.” In my opinion, the student does not quite understand what he needs in life. My first education – College “Adilet”, specialty “Jurisprudence”. Jurisprudence and art, it seems it’s still different things (laughs). It seems to me that a child after school, and he is undoubtedly a child who takes the first steps in this world, needs time to think.

At least a year or two years in order for him to master courses and choose what he is interested in. And already at the age of twenty, one should enter the university with an awareness of some important facts and with a baggage of knowledge. Then, it seems to me, there will be more professionals, because everyone will do what he loves and will undoubtedly develop it.

Askar Mirzaev
3 course, specialty "Art Management"

Askar, tell us about yourself and what you are doing now?

My name is Askar. I am a student of the Academy, specialty “Art Management”. First of all, I do not attribute myself to any one sphere, because I am very interested in a many. For example, now I have focused on the production of video content, and also, my hobby, has been dancing for 8 years now.

When I have time, I like to read and analyze various information presented in the Internet space, since I want to keep up with the times and understand what is happening on our Earth planet. In addition to my studies, I try to be involved in various events held within the walls of our alma mater and not only. The first semester of this academic year I had the opportunity to take part in the academic mobility program and study at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov in Almaty. I am grateful to our Academy for the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, both within Kazakhstan and abroad.

Could you tell me about your academic mobility experience? What did you encounter in Almaty?

It’s no secret that Almaty is the cultural center of Kazakhstan. The completely different atmosphere reigns there than in the capital. I felt very comfortable while acquainted with other art managers, and in such a short period of time with all my heart I fell in love with this city. Also, being in Almaty, I participated in the competition from UNESCO, where I took the first place in the nomination “Music – Generation CONNECT” (“Music is the link of generations” – ideas on how music can contribute to reducing the gap between generations).

It was necessary to write an art project in the field of musical art to participate in the competition. Based on the knowledge gained in the Academy and on emotions associated with being in a new environment, I wrote the project “MTG – Music Through Generations”, and having sent it, I soon forgot about the competition. What was my surprise when during the most anticipated youth event “Almaty – Youth Space” on September 21, 2018 the results of the competition for the best projects were announced, where I was awarded first place.  It was unforgettable!

Did you want to stay in Almaty?

The visiting is good, but at home is much more better (laughs). I really missed our capital, the Academy, the children and my family. Therefore, the return was very welcome. In addition, if in Almaty you want to be in a state of celebration, in our city you switch to working mode. In order not to freeze you have to move (laughs). Returning to the capital, I continued to work, which was previously engaged.

Within the walls of the Academy, our art historians created the Youtube channel – “Balletography KZ”, where, through interviews, the figures of Kazakhstan in the field of choreographic art share their opinions. I am also involved in this interesting project. Now I am in the process of processing the interview with Tukeev Murat Oryndykbaevich – this is the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the head of the directing department of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography. Also, in my free time, I was involved in the work on the production of video content for the Foundation of the First President, to the position of a linear producer. This is directly related to art management and is of great interest to me.

What is an “art management” for you, Askar?

Art management for me is the most multifaceted profession. No wonder it is called the science of the third millennium. I read this phrase in one journal quite recently. It is noteworthy that in the future, this profession will become an integral part of any cultural organization. Unfortunately, we have not yet fully integrated international experience into our realities, and art managers here are not yet the dominant “cogs” in the cultural system. But, I hope, we will be able to change this paradigm and introduce innovations in the field of art, at the expense of projects that we will initiate.

Very interesting. How did you come to art management and the Academy? Was it a deliberate choice?

I found myself in art management and I feel that this is my deal. If earlier I constantly rushed from one extreme to another: when I was a child I graduated from a musical academy in violin class, after I entered a polytechnic college as a programmer, wanted to create games (laughs). Now I finally understood where I want to be and who I see myself in the future. For me, art management is a profession to which, without realizing it, I have always strived. As I put it earlier, art management is a profession that may be present in different areas of culture. It, as it is impossible by the way, reflects my essence.

After all, I wish to constantly develop in different directions, to learn something. I am interested in direction, choreography, music, theater, I want to be a producer. And it is in art management that one can be a multidisciplinary specialist. That’s why I entered the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, understanding what I want to achieve and what I need! Despite the fact that we were pioneers in the Academy and it was difficult at first, thanks to the teachers, with whom you could interact outside the couples, as well as the interest in the profession and self-education I found myself.

Askar, based on what has been covered, what advice can you give to applicants or those who are looking for themselves?

If there is a desire to develop the culture of Kazakhstan and raise it to a new level, then there is a great sense to enter the Academy. And also, I have a small message – guys do not leave Kazakhstan! I do not imagine myself to be a fanatically-minded patriot, but nevertheless I would like to raise this topic, which of course is very extensive and has a very subjective character (laughs). I lead to the fact that in our country there is a lot of opportunities.

Therefore, I sometimes do not understand people who leave for permanent residence abroad, believing that there is better, that only there it is possible to develop their activities. Of course, I would like to learn from foreign experience, but at the same time, not to lose our national flavor, our identity. I want to work here and make a contribution to the new Kazakhstan, which, by the way, is in our power to build. It may sound slightly lofty and idealistic, but I believe in it and will do everything I can to develop our culture. Therefore, do not lose yourself and remember where you’re from!

Ernat Alimzhan
3 course, specialty "Art Management"

Ernat, tell us about yourself

I came from the city of Balkhash to the capital three years ago with the firm intention to leave my mark on history. As a child, when I was a schoolboy, I took an active part in the life of the school and my city. Therefore, having entered the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, I decided not to stop there, I wanted to make myself known. In the first year of my studies, I was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs (hereinafter referred to as YC).

In our Academy, YC is a community of caring children, which is a link between the student and the leadership of the university. I stayed in this position for two years, which were certainly significant, but if we talk about the implementation of personal ideas, which I had a lot, I stood still. Aware of the fact that the goals of YS and my personal goals slightly differ, I decided to leave. Now, I work in the Public Foundation “MADENI QAZYNA QORY” and together with classmates, on behalf of the Art Management faculty, we organize various master classes and creative events.

You mentioned personal ideas, tell us what is at stake?

Last year, I managed to implement an author’s project called “Uncover-2018” at the Academy. The main goal of the project is to reveal new facets of students’ talent and show the contestants in a new role for them. I wanted to show the other side of art managers, choreographers and art historians, as well as create a platform that would become an outlet for expressing emotions. I play the guitar, even a student of the specialty “Art Management”.

It is noteworthy that I studied at a music school, intensively studied vocal and performed on stage. But, unfortunately, in one instant, having broken his voice, he was unable to continue professional singing. In order not to drift away from music, which is my outlet, it saves in the most difficult moments of my life, I began to play the guitar. Playing the guitar allows me to take a break from all the fuss, forget about problems at work, school, session (laughs). Based on my own experiences and feelings, the idea of ​​“Uncover-2018” emerged, which has become a reality thanks to the support of the leadership and my associates, for which I am very grateful to everyone! I am sure that the Uncover project will become a tradition of the Academy and even after our graduation will act within its walls, revealing the creative potential of students.

Despite the love of music, namely playing the guitar, do you see yourself in art management? Why?

When I entered the Academy, I was still completely “green” (laughs). I wanted everything at once, to the maximum. Be the first at school, the first in student life. Actually, that’s why I took on a lot and even on what I could not do. And life is a very amazing thing, and together with victories, you meet and lose. I had a turning point in my life when nothing worked, I didn’t want anything, and when I was completely “cold” to everything.

It seemed to me that I was lost, that if something was not working for me, it means that it is not mine. After the time, having tried myself on television, and as an assistant producer, organizing concerts, I came to understand what I needed. I learned to manage my time. I learned how to soberly assess my capabilities, but at the same time not stop dreaming and set goals. Looking at the people around me, my like-minded people, I was inspired and can be said to be reborn from the ashes again. I realized that art management disciplines my life and organizes it.

Could you give your definition of who the art manager is?

The art manager is the one who organizes and develops the art market, the one who gives artists the chance to leave a mark on history. For me, art management itself is an opportunity to declare oneself in the field of art.

Ernat, what are you going to do after graduation?

After graduating from university, and this will be in a year, I will be implementing my ideas, which have been gathered a lot during my studies. Before that, I organized projects within the capital, now there is already one interesting project being conducted at the republican level. Further, I think more.

And what kind of project?

Now I can not say (laughs). This is a project created in conjunction with PF “MADENI QAZYNA QORY”. It is very important to me, since I felt involved in the art of our country.

How mysterious! In that case, we look forward to the news! What advice can you give applicants or express gratitude to the people around you?

I would like to express my gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Art Management, Raykhan Kazybekovna, who for all years supports both studies and projects, always helps with organizational issues and we just have to implement our ideas. Raykhan Kazybekovna became the second mother, who took us under her “wing” and enveloped us with warmth and love, and this is undoubtedly important, especially at first, during the adaptation period.

I also express special thanks to my classmates. Each of them is interesting and unique in its own way, and I have learned something new from everyone over the entire period of study. Well, as for the advice, in my opinion, the art manager must first of all have the right ideas related to the economy, business, psychology, as well as be able to operate with their knowledge.

And most importantly, a person must love creativity and everything connected with it! Perhaps too subjective, but I believe that a creative person is born. And if creativity lives in you, you feel the world through the prism of art and want to do your bit not only in Kazakhstan, but also in world culture as a whole – this profession will give you tremendous opportunities for development, will give you a chance to be yourself. Act!

I used to attend a music school at the request of my parents, and after graduation I thought that was all, my life would never be connected with culture. It is said that by fulfilling the dreams of parents, we can lose ourselves and forget about the fulfillment of our desires. But, this is not my case. I did not understand how I was associated with art, but I felt that I had a place in it. And it was my mother who helped me make the right decision. Now, in my third year, I realized how important culture is for a person and how cool is to be an art manager. Studying here is very difficult, but interesting profession, you get the skills of negotiating, evaluating projects, and observation. Here you have to use all your talents and skills. This is facilitated by the training program, the support of the faculty, even the building of the Academy.

Нурзат Бекеев
3 курс, специальность «Арт-менеджмент»

Нурзат, спасибо что согласились дать интервью. Нам бы хотелось узнать о Вас и Вашей деятельности, не могли бы Вы о себе рассказать?

Вам большое спасибо за уделенное внимание. Я являюсь студентом третьего курса специальности «Арт-менеджмент». Это не первое мое высшее образование. На протяжении двух лет я учился в Польше. Вернувшись в Казахстан, мне хотелось приступить к работе, но моя мама очень хотела, чтобы я продолжил обучение и поступил в Академию. Так я оказался здесь (смеется).

Не могли бы Вы подробнее рассказать о поступлении в Академию и о самом вузе?

Как я уже сказал ранее, поступление в Академию – это желание моей мамы. Помню, как мы вместе приезжали, сдавали вступительные экзамены, она всегда была рядом и поддерживала, даже в моменты, когда я уже думал, что стоит отказаться от затеи поступления в вуз. Сейчас, спустя три года, я хочу сказать большое спасибо маме! Благодаря ей, я сделал первый шаг и сам того не осознавая оказался в месте, которое впоследствии сыграет огромную роль в становлении меня как личности. Раньше я по желанию родителей посещал музыкальную школу и после окончания думал, что на этом все, моя жизнь никогда не будет связана с культурой. Говорят, что осуществляя мечты родителей, мы можем потерять себя и забыть об осуществлении своих желаний. Но, это не мой случай. Я не понимал каким образом я связан с искусством, но чувствовал, что в нем мне место. И именно мама помогла мне принять верное решение. Сейчас, на третьем курсе, я понял насколько важна культура для человека и насколько круто быть арт-менеджером. Обучаясь этой весьма нелегкой, но интересной профессии, ты получаешь навыки ведения переговоров, оценивания проектов, наблюдательности. Здесь приходится задействовать все свои таланты и умения. Этому способствует программа обучения, поддержка профессорско-преподавательского состава, даже само здание Академии.

Здание Академии?

Именно (смеется). Я очень люблю грамотно продуманные архитектурные сооружения. То, что мы обучаемся в здании, где предоставлены все условия, тоже немаловажно. Элементарно, Академия оснащена теплыми коридорами. Учитывая нашу переменчивую погоду, нам не нужно выходить из общежития в мороз в -50 °C или под дождь, можно просто пройти по теплому коридору и попасть в Академию за 5 минут.

Нурзат, как Вы считаете, каким должен быть арт-менеджер? Соответствуете ли Вы идеалу арт-менеджера, выстроенному у себя в голове?

Арт-менеджер должен быть гибким. Это человек, который имеет четко выстроенную методологию действий и альтернативный план, в случае непредсказуемых ситуаций, что в свою очередь помогает грамотно организовывать работу и действовать согласно тайм-менеджменту. Если говорить о себе, то честно говоря, я не думаю, что соответствую идеалу арт-менеджера. Мне еще нужно многому научиться, но я верю, что приду к этому. Мне кажется, ключевым навыком человека является постоянное развитие. Чем больше ты развиваешь свои определенные навыки, тем лучше становишься в своей сфере. И арт-менеджер не исключение. Опыт и предшествующие ему навыки очень важны. Со временем, взрослея, начинаешь подмечать плюсы и минусы, уже не так идеализированно смотришь на мир, делаешь профессиональную оценку происходящего, имеешь свое мнение – это требует времени и огромных усилий, но это того стоит.  

Нурзат, были ли Вы задействованы в организации проектов?

Конечно! Наверное, мне не удастся перечислить все мероприятия, ибо их было очень много. Например, в 2018 году, у нас прошел первый международный фестиваль Central Asian Dance Festival, организованный при поддержке посольства США в Казахстане и Казахской национальной академии хореографии. Фестиваль предполагал интенсивные мастер-классы различных направлений, таких как хип-хоп, контемпорари, бродвей и т.д. Кроме того, участники смогли постичь азы по фото и видеосъемке хореографии, а также направлению арт-менеджмента. Я участвовал в непосредственной организации этого масштабного мероприятия, которое для меня, как для арт-менеджера дало очень много. Был большой объем работы, передо мной были поставлены задачи, которые подчас казались невозможными, приходилось задействовать все свои таланты и навыки, выходить «вон из кожи», но выполнять их на высшем уровне. Это в свою очередь дало огромный стимул для роста!

Кем Вы видите себя в будущем?

Хорошим специалистом в арт-индустрии. Немного конечно расплывчато, но тем не менее, я точно знаю, что моя деятельность будет связана с культурой.

В казахстанских вузах порой прослеживается тенденция, когда студенты, отучившись в университете, идут работать не по специальности. С чем связано Ваше желание продолжить пребывать в этой сфере и после окончания вуза?

Во-первых, Академия оказывает поддержку в трудоустройстве своих студентов организовывая мастер-классы и встречи с будущими работодателями. Это шанс познакомиться с людьми, которые уже вращаются в этой сфере и попробовать себя в работе. Помимо этого, нам постоянно твердят об ответственности перед профессией, говоря, что арт-менеджеров мало, что мы первопроходцы Академии (смеется), это в свою очередь также помогает прийти к осознанию того факта, нужно мне это или нет. Поэтому, осознавая важность и нужность арт-менеджеров, а также чувствуя, что я нахожусь в то самое нужное время, в нужном месте, мне хочется работать по специальности и развиваться в ней, даже после выпуска из Академии.